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Wearing black and white together is pretty normal for most of us. For us here in SA, the more mainstream retailers are probably going to treat black-and-white a little differently for Spring and Summer 2019. In the past, it’s been black with a little bit of white. It looks like the balance has been tipped the other way for next summer though. Building an outfit that’s more white and less black is the fashion newness that’s coming during the warmer part of our 2019.

There’s nothing stopping you from getting ahead of the fashion curve – embrace this change now during Summer 2018 already if you want! Who’s going to stop you reinterpreting this classic pairing?

Mickey Mouse is another classic. His first shorts were filmed in black and white (not colour). This 4-finger-per-hand animated character gets lots of laughs because he is so human. His creator, Walt Disney, claimed that Mickey’s humanness is the secret of his popularity.

 © Disney

In recent posts on our social pages, we shared some pics of an exhibition in Sandton City Shopping Centre that celebrated his 90th birthday in November.

Guess who's 90? Visit the incredible Mickey exhibition stand in Sandton City to shop exclusive Mickey merchandise. #Mickey90Africa #Mickey90

Posted by Emile & Razia Samson on Sunday, September 30, 2018

This mouse has been loved for decades and decades. I listen to customers’ daily talk about Mickey Mouse. Whether you call him Topolino (if you’re Italian) or Mikki Hiiri (as the Finnish say), Mickey gives many of us nostalgic feelings. He reminds us of our childhood – when life was simple and comfortable.

This is why it is so exciting that so many SA retailers are tapping into Mickey merchandise. Check out these infant items for boys and girls and teen girls apparel below that was stocked in Edgars Sandton at the time of publishing this.

Infant Boys

Infant Girls

Teen Girls

*All Disney items shown are available at Edgars stores nationwide.

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