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Raising three daughters isn’t easy! But it is so rewarding, and if given the choice to do it all over again we would give you a resounding “Yes!” without hesitation.

The girls are at such wonderful ages where they are all coming into their own and their own unique personalities and characteristics really shine. Even though we encourage the girls to be unique, there are a few principles and character traits we try to instill in them to mould them into strong, confident and thoughtful women.

Here are some of the personality traits we believe it is important for a young woman to have nowadays:

Be Determined.  Set goals and stick to them. Especially at school, specifically during exam time. Razia goes full out with exam study rosters for the girls. It’s difficult to stick to but the girls do their best to adhere to the timelines. Each of them has great reports each term so it works!

Be Curious.  We encourage the girls to be inquisitive. There was a question on our way to school recently. “Why do we have to go to school if the rapture could happen at any time?”. That led to an interesting conversation. Seeking out new information is encouraged in our home.

Be Adventurous. Allow yourself to hope for things not seen. The wind blows on a windy day. Do you see it? You see the trees’ leaves move because of it but you don’t actually see it, do you? Seeing is not always believing. It’s in this way that we want our girls to be daring and bold.

Be Kind. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind” – we recently saw this and think it’s a great saying! We have very little tolerance for unkind ways here at home. Everyone makes mistakes all the time. Generally, though kindness is a fruit we all love to see produced from within each of us.

Be Independent. This is a tough one for us as parents because in our eyes, the girls will always be our babies! Independence is a real challenge for children. In small doses, we encourage our daughters to be more self-determined. “You don’t have to do the same thing that everyone else is doing” is what we often say.

Be Creative. Our girls have the wildest imaginations and it always fascinates and amuses us to see what they will come up with next. They make up games that keep themselves entertained for hours and transports them to different worlds! They tell each other stories, making it up as they go along with each one contributing to the storyline. Our weekends and holidays are filled with arts and crafts, making anything from jewellery to painting and everything in between! (Have a look at what they have most recently been up to here) We hope that they don’t lose this creative spirit as they get older, and hope that they find new ways to channel and harness it.

Be Caring. Look out for those kids who look lonely on the playground” we say most days. How do you encourage your children to be more caring? This is something that we wish was more real even in our own adult lives. We guess that this is why we always remind the kids about it. If being caring is truly a trait we want, surely it will increase in each of our lives? This is the year to think about all those things which are nice, lovely, and positive. The more we do so it’s likely that we’ll be able to see the fruits of it in our lives.

It is such a privilege and honour to be involved in raising the next generation of powerful women and we can’t wait to see how life unfolds for our Samson girls.

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    Beautiful post!

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    This article reallt speaks to me as i am raising two little girls💙 thank you

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