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The idea of wearing black and white together has been around for a long time. I’m sure you’ve worn a black and white outfit recently; in our heads it just makes sense. It’s like the difference between good and evil – our hearts naturally understand that. Things like gum, Star Wars, Vaseline, and baby powder – they’ve been around for a long time. Did you know that the first Star Wars film was released to the market in 1977?

One of the easiest colour schemes to wear is the monochromatic one. This scheme is achieved when you use light and dark versions of one colour. The most striking version of monochromatic is black and white. You could also do blue denim jeans, a dark blue top, with a light blue denim jacket – that’s an example of a monochromatic look too.

Light colours can be used to increase body size. If your upper body is smaller than your lower body, you may want to balance it all out with wearing white tops or sweaters. From another angle, dark colours can be used to decrease apparent body size. If you want to take attention off your hips, wear a white top with a black pants or skirt. Take a look at the two rectangles below. Which circle appears to be larger? The black one or the white one?


Now that you’re sure which one appears bigger please note that both circles are exactly the same size! Light has an amazing ability to overshadow darkness. This is why the white circle appears to be larger than the black one.

White sneakers are everything in the clothing world right now. Be careful with these though. Do you ordinarily feel that you have big feet? If so, the white ‘advancing’ colour is likely to make your feet look a few centimeters wider or longer.


Just over 70 years ago (maybe someone who is over 85 years old could share their memory of this with you?) Christian Dior launched his post-war fashion collection. It was called the Corolle line but the public preferred calling it ‘New Look’. It was in stark contrast to how women dressed during the wartime so it was indeed a new look at that time. This successful collection of Dior was primarily black and white. Pretty timeless, huh?

What I look for when I walk in to shops these days are off-white tops. My skin tone has changed as I’ve reached my late 30’s. The very intense colours I wore in my 20’s just don’t seem to work anymore. These are some of the tops that I currently have in my cupboard and what I mainly wear now:


It’s incredibly difficult to find off-white tops in-store though so I’m on Mission Cream every day. It’s as if I’m involved in a space battle, maybe I’ll need to use my lightsabre! This is a close combat that takes place in-store.

The main thing to remember when it comes to fashion, is to have fun with it!  Even if you’re just wearing black and white items of clothing, find a way to shake things up a bit.


The Last Jedi is in cinemas from 15 December 2017.

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