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Sunday mornings are the best. Since I started my new role at Edgars Sandton, it’s now the 1st day of my weekend.

This Sunday we spent the morning in Morning Hill. It’s a suburb near Eastgate Shopping Centre. Afterwards we were handed a fairly large box upon arrival at home. At the sight of it the girls were pretty excited. Our digital agency told us it was on its way, so we knew it was coming, but the girls however didn’t. What was in this thing?

What a beautiful day it was. It was really hot so Razia opened up the box under the gazebo in the yard. This thing is so old now, we’re going to have to replace it soon (the gazebo). The girls were extra chuffed to see that the contents in the box were for them, what excitement!  It was a box full of Disney emojis.  The girls had fun unwrapping their box and trying to replicate different emojis with the Minnie Mouse Swapsies.  We foresee a craze at schools around these very soon.

The girls even tried to get Ginger, our dog to participate and join in the fun.  They were all in the pool, including Ginger and came up with very imaginative games with the different emojis (the non fabric ones).  Dominique remarked that it would make a great gift for one of her classmates. Her friend only communicates with emojis when texting – no words!

Noa and Micah wanted to recreate the movies they watched with the emojis. Unfortunately there were not enough of all the characters from only one movie.  Their idea soon changed though and we saw Tinkerbell acting in The Little Mermaid, and later Mickey Mouse featured in Monsters Inc.  These girls have such imaginations. They were entertained with these emojis the entire afternoon.  We (the parents!) had our usual Sunday nap after lunch and by bath time at 5pm, they were still busy with their games. Needless to say the fun continued at bath time.

This is definitely a winner and we are looking forward to expanding the girls’ collection. They really are sooo cute.

You can view the full range of Disney Emojis here

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