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When we think back to the days of our school holidays, it’s hard to recall exact details as our last one was about 20 years ago! What does however stand out, are the family traditions that were built around said holidays. We want it to be the same for our kids and so we have started our own traditions that we hope will create some wonderful memories for them.

This year-end holiday is going to be different to any others. A little baby brother is going to be a part of the mix and we foresee a great deal of newness in the Samson home. When we moved to Johannesburg in December 2011 we decided to start creating some family traditions as we wanted the adjustment to the new environment to be a bit easier for the girls. We can’t wait for Clay (our new baby boy) to become a part of them too!

One activity that is still running and active is Friday movie-night. The girls love going to the DVD store to make their selection. It’s a bit retro and old-school we know! But sometimes going against the grain is fun. The other highlight of movie night is that it’s a break from the anti-sugar regime of the school-week. The treats shopping list includes sour worms, chocolate biscuits, gelatinous sweets, and more. We’re looking forward to many more movie nights during the upcoming school holidays. With a newborn baby around we will be spending a lot more time at home in the first few weeks and movie night will be a great way to keep the girls entertained while allowing us to still spend as much time with them as possible.

The warm weather is ideal for picnics and another Samson family tradition is bike rides in the city parks on Sundays after church. During the school holidays, this tradition isn’t limited to Sundays only! The girls love feeding the wild ducks in the lakes and it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to have a break from our everyday routine (Razia especially loves a break from cooking!) We’ll need to get the girls new bikes as all 3 are a bit weathered and tattered now. It will be interesting adding a baby stroller to the mix these summer holidays!

December also means rewarding the girls for their good academic results. They always opt for movies at the cinema. We haven’t had paid TV in our home since 2011 so a trip to the cinema is always a real treat for them and brings with it great excitement.  They have already picked out the film and can’t wait to go see Disney/Pixar’s Coco which will be released in cinemas on 24 November 2017.

What would a trip to the mall be without some shopping? This is another one of our traditions. We shop for clothing for the girls for the summer holiday.  Emile takes them to the shops one by one so that he can spend focused time with each of them. They then get to choose clothing without being influenced by one another.

With Clay’s arrival we’re excited to see the newness and innovation in our family traditions and we look forward to sharing them with you.


*Please note, there is no movie ticket giveaway associated with this blog post.

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