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So, as you may know we are expecting a baby boy. It has been quite overwhelming. Getting things ready for Clay’s arrival has been a bit intense.

I am a very organised person by nature. When I was pregnant with each of the girls, I had a checklist ready for my hospital bag. It was focused on what we needed to have at the hospital and after the baby was born. This list was very detailed. For example four to six short sleeve vests, four to six long sleeve vests and so on. We now have seven weeks to go. It’s crunch time!

I suggest that all Moms make a list for all the necessary essentials. Get that bag packed early, just in case. This is especially important for first-time Moms. If you have not had a baby shower yet, put together a gift registry. The clothes are cute yes, and adorable for sure. But there are also more practical things that matter quite a lot too.

Here are my Top 10 items to include on your baby registry:

 1) Baby Growers:

You can never have too many of these. It’s much easier dressing baby in a grower. Why? There is no need to pull things over baby’s head. I suggest six to eight of these.



2) Vests:

This definitely is an essential. Long sleeve versus short sleeve is based on birth-month. Our Clay is going to be born during the hot Gauteng summer. We’ll ensure we have about six to eight short sleeve vests in the cupboard.



3) Receiving Blankets:

For the first three months baby will constantly be swaddled. The receiving blankets are light and comfortable. They’re mostly 100% cotton, which doesn’t trap body heat. This will keep the little one cool.

They also come in handy to wipe up spills, as they’re very absorbent. Cover the car seat or pram and block out the sun while you are driving. They’re really versatile and great to have. My recommendation is to have about six of these.

4) Towelling Nappies/Burp Cloths:

These are a lifesaver. Get plain white towelling nappies to use at home. Designer or patterned burp cloths are cool when you’re out with baby. Keep two white ones as back up in your nappy bag no matter where you are. I suggest six to eight of these will do.

 5) Nappy Bag with Changing Mat:

Get a nappy bag that will also be suitable for Dad to hold or carry. A neutral colour or denim works well.  Backpacks are also great, using a backpack frees up your hands to concentrate on the little one.



6) Nappies and other essentials:

Wet wipes, bum cream, powder and scented nappy bags.

You can never have enough scented nappy bags! Stock up on these.

7) Nappy Bin:

This is a priority for your list. The used nappies pile up so quickly daily, during the first few weeks! We never had one of these for our three girls. Our friends’ baby had outgrown her nappy bin so they gave it to us a few months ago. They really surprised us with this and we’re so grateful.

We still need to buy the nappy bin bags though (It’s on our to-do list). The bins make your home environment smell a bit better. It’s one that you must please remember to add on to your baby registry.

8) Nursing/Feeding Pillow: 

You will not only use this for support while breastfeeding. It can also be used for baby’s tummy time. You could also prop a newly sitting baby within it. Another biggie is for the first few days after natural birth you can use it to sit on. It works wonders if you’re in a bit of pain.

9) Sleeping Wedge/Sleep Positioner: 

The girls loved theirs. You can constrain their bodies to lie at a nice angle. It is great if the bambino does not enjoy sleeping on their back.

10) Bath Mat and Bath Essentials:

Aqueous cream, shampoo, powder, cotton pads, cotton wool, surgical spirits, face cloth, and hooded towels.

I found our babies to be very slippery when they were wet. It completely challenged me. I preferred a bath mat on the surface of the bath. Some baths are moulded with a type of built-in seat but these did not convince me. I was exceptionally scared to bath Dominique when she was between 0 and 1 month old. Emile and my mom bathed her until I gained some confidence. I found aqueous cream to work better than soaps or body wash during the first two to three weeks.

The Disney Baby website is full of useful information from what you need before baby arrives, what you need in your hospital bag, to what to expect once your little one is here.

I was fortunate to have a baby shower with my family and friends in East London, while we were there during the July school holidays. Even though it was a bit early to do so my mom insisted. She knew that we’d probably only visit next year again, after Clay is born. Our three daughters were very excited. They each wrote a promise to their unborn brother. It was very special as they read it out loud to him, while all the guests were listening. Here are some of their favourite gifts we received for him.



For more baby inspiration check out our Pinterest board: Preparing for baby

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