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Family time. It’s an ideal for us all, but so difficult to achieve at the best of times, as our lives are so busy. For us, if we’re not rushing to get the kids to school, we’re rushing to a meeting. If we’re not rushing to a meeting, we’re quickly weaving our way through the supermarket to ‘get a few things’.

It’s so great to go out with the girls, just them and us, but after we won Power Couple SA, our PR Agency put us on as many guest lists as possible, and we found ourselves attending at least 3 events per month for most of 2016 – it was crazy. Now for some serious celebrities, 3 events a month is do-able in their sleep, but this event-attending craze really took a toll on our relationship with our kids. How much time we spend with our daughters means a lot to us, so eventually we decided it was time to bring that never-stopping train to a halt. We do attend some events still, but only the ones that really matter.

We now focus solely on running our digital platforms and other than that, we’re simply watching over the well-being of the children. Our kids really appreciate having Dad and Mom home most of the time now too.

We’ve recently had the photographer with us when we we’ve been out with the girls, but this time we wanted it to be just the five of us.  We love having beautiful family photos taken, but this trip was about family time, not professional photos. All the pics here were taken using our phones (and we love them just as much as we do when the photographer takes them!)

We took the girls to a shopping centre built entirely from shipping containers in Melville called 27Boxes, and they have a great Gelato shop upstairs that was a complete pause-causer. They had an incredible mix of flavours from chocolate brownie to a dairy-free granadilla one. Some of us had it in tubs, and others in sugar cones. It was yum!

What was really amazing was that one of the gelato flavours on offer was dairy-free, and while we’re not too strict about it when we eat out, we’ve recently embarked on a strange diet that comprises of mainly plant-based meals. We (the parents) no longer eat any dairy products and we avoid chicken, lamb, beef, and fish too as much of the food produced today uses hormones, quick-buck processes, preservatives, and so on. We’re doing well on it. Emile only misses meat when we are at a friend’s braai, but other than that there’s no FOMO.

We will definitely be taking the kids to 27Boxes again during the school holidays. It will be so cool to sit there on a sunny afternoon and savour a delicious gelato again. We hope to bump into you too if you’re in Joburg at that time. And if you spot us there, please come say hello, hi or howzit?


*All Converse items worn by the girls are available at Converse stores nationwide.

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