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Razia’s recipe for a great interview:

Interviews are not what they used to be. The interviewer has to ensure you ‘tick all the boxes’ as she gets ready to present you to her client. It’s a session of experiential questioning and sometimes it gets very practical.

I always aim to get an understanding of how you think within the office framework. I may ask “Think of a time when a leader challenged you. How did you respond to that and what was the outcome?” You then very quickly (confidence is important you know) have to recall a time when this recently happened at your workplace. It’s important that you answer with integrity so that I am assured we’re putting you forward for the right company culture.

I’d be very disappointed if you’re not really very bubbly and my client is looking for someone who’s going to liven up the office. Culture fit is crucial for productivity in an organisation. Just because you’re not the right fit for a business does not make you less of a person. Please don’t misinterpret what I’m referring to.

You may adore spending time with your partner and kids in the lounge, on pillows and cushions, after supper. I then secure a role for you within an organisation where literally everyone thrives on working till 9 o’ clock at night. This is a brilliant example of a huge mismatch and I work hard to avoid this happening.

You need to eat before your interview, right? Check out this article by Max Tomlinson for more info about eating well before an interview.

Don’t drink and eat.

The drink interferes with the concentration of the digestive juices your body is producing. This liquid secretion in your body is not as effective then. The digestion that’s meant to go like a Boeing ends up travelling like a tricycle. The food then stagnates, ferments, and causes you to feel overly full after your meal. This is not a great way to feel while you’re sitting in an interview.

Do one or the other.

Stomachs produce acids to break down proteins, and alkalis to break down carbohydrates. If your meal consists of both proteins and carbohydrates you may have a little problem before your interview. The acids and the alkalis will form a neutral environment in your stomach. This means that the food will digest slowly. Interviews are that one time where you should be fast and witty. However, this eating combination may leave you feeling a bit slow and bloated.

Keep it pure.

Fibre keeps foodstuff moving easily once you’ve finished your meal. This is a great environment for good bacteria that help the food to digest. Eating things like Kellogg’s All-Bran is a great source of fibre.


Emile on what to wear:

Getting dressed for a day’s work is very similar for both of us. Razia runs the Personnel Recruitment business from home. This means she does not have to dress formally at all. I work for a fashion retail business. Some people around me wear matching blazers and trousers. I however, wear rip ‘n repair jeans, Docs, slashed-knee jeans, t-shirts, and Jack Purcell Classic’s.

I remember how I would stress about the future during my high school days. My major heart racing fuel was thoughts of how ridiculous I’d look in a suit ‘one day’. I fretted about how I’d have to go from store to store looking for something that would fit me. By God’s grace we learn to love ourselves, and eventually accept the way that He designed us to be. Soon I was comfortable in my own skin and assortments of clothing became wider and wider.

There are a lot of factors that determine what you should wear to work: the general temperature at your office, the personalities of your clients and suppliers, as well as the views and values of your manager. These all play a role in how you should dress in the morning before leaving your home for the day.

Colour is obviously very important in your work wear wardrobe. Colour that suits your skin tone is a huge plus every day. This will ensure that your face looks vibrant and energetic. You will then naturally look more determined and more professional. This could very well be perceived positively and who knows, may even set you up for a promotion!

Fabric choice is important for guys. Rather than wearing a woven shirt in a too-hot office, you might be better off in a pique Golfer. You won’t have to hide your underarms from your colleagues because warm air won’t be trapped between your body and the woven shirt.

Garment shapes are also a big deal for ladies. I work in a fashion environment. The expectation is that there everyone will feel it’s okay to wear anything. Although sales reports show that off-shoulder tops and crop tops are very popular, very, very few of my colleagues wear these shapes to the office.

What’s your view on dressing like this on a Monday morning?


Our Family:

Our three daughters are very particular about breakfast every day. Each morning the goal posts move. There will be no prior notification but tastes and preferences will shift in a flash. Nut butter on toast is on day one and day two. Day three will bring its own twist where taste buds will undergo a transformation. Toast quickly becomes last year’s fashion item and nobody wants to have bread in sight.

They are able to push the boundaries a bit more now that mommy is working from home. Our 8-year old is a granola fan. A few months ago it was muesli and yoghurt all the way. Since we’ve slowed down a bit on animal-product consumption the yogi has been replaced with a plant-sourced milk. Razia found a cool recipe to make yoghurt, with coconut milk and cheesecloth. We’ll have to test this and tell you about it another time!

Dominique is our 10-year old grade-5 learner. She loves egg whites. We’ve never ever eaten isolated egg whites so this was her decision entirely. Other mornings she enjoys Kellogg’s All-Bran with soymilk and banana.

Micah is our youngest at the moment and loves fruit and cereal with honey drizzled over that.

It’s tough having to juggle so many things as the sun rises each day. Razia usually ends up building a mountain of ingredients on the table. She then shouts out ‘breakfast is ready’ and all the young ones make their way to the table. The mountain is made up of several things. This sometimes includes fresh whole fruit, fresh diced fruit, chia seeds, honey, soymilk in a carton and peanut butter.

Another way to ensure that the girls get the nutrients they need from their morning breakfast is by eating muffins that Razia makes. These are vegan and consist of rice flour, flax eggs, soymilk, nuts, berries and Kellogg’s All Bran Flakes or the Hi-Fibre Wheat Cereal. Check out the recipe here.

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