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Styled by E + R

If your lives are anything like ours, time is a luxury. You’re either at the gym, dropping the kids off, tending to your busy social life, or juggling those entries in your workplace diary.

We are able to effortlessly guide, pre-arrange and plan your outfits for those important events that you’ve already sent the RSVP. We can offer you the details of the latest trends to help you find the hottest must-have item. Shopping on your behalf would be sheer joy for us.

Let us secure you the fashion items before they reach the fashion retailer’s sales floor.

Please contact us to discuss rates


Wardrobe worries?

We want to make your wardrobe worries disappear.

Nobody should open their cupboard doors to be met with anxiety. Let us give your outfits a revamp or a bit of a face-lift.

  1. If you like packing luggage (like we did before the elimination ceremonies of Power Couple SA) simply haul all your goods over to our place for the task of analysing and re-strategising your wardrobe.
  2. If you enjoy the comfort of your own home, we will gladly make our way to you.

You may not be unhappy with your clothes but simply want help to organise your wardrobe to prevent you standing there in the morning thinking ‘I have nothing to wear’.

We would love a gift like this – maybe you know of someone special who you would love to surprise?

It is such a cool, one-of-a-kind experience, which we know you’ll find energising and beneficial.

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E+R my teen’s style

You’re the parent and you’re never right, right?

In their eyes, you do not understand fashion and at this stage you are probably feeling that you are just not winning. Bottom line: your teenager is not wearing what you feel is appropriate for their body shape and form. We understand!

The teenage years are themed with self-realisation and it’s also when you realise that you are never going to be ready to bridge the gap. Or, maybe your situation is the complete opposite. You may simply just want us to help you find that year-end cocktail dress or those formal pants and jacket for his Matric Ball.

Please contact us to discuss rates


Gift Vouchers

Wardrobe planning gift voucher

3 Hour Voucher for a girl
3 Hour Voucher for a guy
3 Hour Voucher for a couple

Style review gift voucher

All prices available on request.


*Rates quoted above do not include transport outside of the Gauteng province. Any additional travel or expenses or specific requests will be quoted for separately.


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